New Job, Golf Shots & Rehab


It feels like a good while since I’ve sat down and properly constructed a good post here. The past month or so has been a whirlwind of activity. I’ve started a new job and have been finding my footing back in the golf industry. It’s such a relationship oriented business and I’ve been slowly but surely getting in touch with people I drifted away from over the past seven years.

What I’ve found is that even though I left the golf business to navigate the corporate sales/marketing world for a while, the golf business never really left my mind. Golf professionals and golf industry people are typically “lifers” because of the passion we all feel to stay connected to the game in so many ways. My passion drew me back in. It’s been a strange journey, for sure. One big thing the game has taught me is that chaos can occur at any moment and you need to adapt quickly. Such is life, business, parenthood and cooking….

I’m still nursing an aggravating hip/knee injury that is slowly getting better. I depend on my orange theraband for my daily exercises and find that squats are no fun, but persevere I will. The goal is getting the glutes strong enough, and the hips flexible enough….to just maintain stability and stop thinking about it. Practice time has been limited, but the rest from playing/swinging is probably a good thing. Spring is just really getting here to Bucks County, PA. Warm weather is something I’m looking forward to.

I’ve played one round in the past 30 days and while it wasn’t pretty, I take some positive thoughts away from it. I hit five totally solid shots. I know that doesn’t sound impressive, but the quality of the ball flight, the contact, the sound and the results spoke volumes to me. I’ll take small victories where I can get them. No sense in looking at the negatives. Each shot is an opportunity to execute. I just need to get it consistent. At least my “misses” were fairly straight! I’m getting there. Staying on top of the rehab is most important so my body can actually work properly.

Nothing crazy happening in my kitchen. Making sushi again tomorrow night, so if anyone wants to throw me a crazy idea for a roll, I’m game. Looking forward to using the grill more as the seasons change. My goal in the next month is to grill a pizza. We’ll see how that turns out.

Loved the Masters and Adam Scott’s victory. He has so much game, and showed he can overcome the mental demons of last year’s Open Championship collapse. Can you imagine what that must feel like?

Enjoy the weekend, wherever you are. I hope you get decent weather, play some golf or just decompress. Cold front moving through my area now and thunderstorms on the way. Then just mid-50 degree temps for next few days. My hip will need to be patient for the warmth to arrive.

By the way, go Phillies!



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  1. Leslie Jo says:

    Good to hear you’re on the mend and getting into the “swing” of things at the new job. Congratulations, by the way! Our spring has consisted of snow, hail, unprecedented rain causing flooding everywhere. It’s been very strange, and even though we’ve had flurries today, it could be 80 degrees any day now. That’s Chicago weather for you! It was nice to see a new post. It reminds me to get back to writing, too. Thanks!

  2. On grilling pizza and I speak from experience. There is a fine line between grilled pizza heaven and burnt. Always have a spare shell and the pizza shop number handy.

  3. Rick

    Sounds like you have had a busy month. At least you have one round in! We are just crawling out from under winter. The local courses open next week. I can hardly wait! I hope your injury heals quickly…..because injuries suck!


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