Making the Cut


This is a picture of my hole location sheet from today. Just a touch soggy.

Playing golf for money with your friends is fun. Playing golf against other PGA Professionals in tournaments is fun. It’s also something I’ve never been very successful at….but enjoy trying to execute shots just the same.

Today, I got my first competitive round under my belt in many years. I competed with 107 other players attempting to qualify for the Drexel Morgan Investments tournament in the Philadelphia Section, PGA.

Here ‘s the fun thing: The prize money for the Drexel Morgan is now up to $75,000. For a one day/one round event. I think the winner takes home about $70K of that purse.

I finished T-23 and made the cut. The day after Memorial Day, I’ll be competing at Sunnybrook GC with over 100 other PGA Professionals looking for a pay day. Cool stuff.

I didn’t play great today. I shot 80 (+8) in the pouring rain. Conditions were difficult, the course played long, the greens were actually very fast. And I made a few mistakes that cost me. Including a double bogey 6 on the 18th…I made it a bit harder than it should have been. But in the end, I accomplished what I wanted to do, move on to the main event.

My knee hurts. It’s cold and wet and windy outside. I’m tired, in a good way. I worked hard today staying present and having that “one shot at a time” mentality. I made a lot of 4-6’ putts, and that’s encouraging. I’m taking away a number of positives.

Scattered thinking tonight, but in a good way. Hot shower, some Tylenol and before bed stretching. Then sleep. Then start preparing, again, for tournament play! Really, it’s a kick to compete. I missed it.


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  1. Leslie Jo says:

    Congratulations! You made the cut in crappy conditions and I love your philosophy about one shot at a time. I’m really happy for you. I hope your knee feels better. This is so cool!

  2. Rick

    That is awesome, need a caddie? Congrats. How was your mental preparation for your round in terrible weather? I sometimes have a hard time keeping my mental focus.


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