The Dynamic Duo of Bonnie & Michele


Our friend Bonnie is a beautiful soul, filled with creative juices always looking for an outlet. My sister-in-law Michele is Bonnie’s part time creative mate, with a wonderful creative side herself. I asked Bonnie several months ago if she would undertake a makeover project for my “side deck” area. We’ve always felt this little tucked away spot would be a nice place to have a glass of wine or another gathering spot for people at a party.

For some reason over the eight years in this house, we’ve never gotten around to “decorating” much outside. The spec novel is certainly usable. I just never busted a move to do anything with it. Until now, and I just coordinated.

Bonnie had Sydney & Riley over to her house a few weeks ago to do some pottery & plate projects for Mother’s Day. She found bright pillows to bring out the more earth tone-y colors of the flagstone and cushions. She found a great little table and some solar lanterns.

Bonnie & Michele came over and did the transformation Monday morning. I didn’t see it until I came home at 5. The girls led Meredith out to the deck (eyes closed) and surprised her. Then, we had a nice dinner on the deck, food served on the plates Syd & Riley designed & help make.

Bonnie & Michele, thank you so much for having the mind and eye to make this area come alive. I love you both. Here are some photos of the project:









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  1. What a great space to meditate and be grateful! It looks beautiful!


    1. Thanks Jim. As indicated in the post, the ladies did all the work. I just don’t have a decorating eye.

      The neat thing about my house now is that since the leaves have popped out, the woods have enveloped my property. It is now serenely quiet on the deck. Just birds, squirrels, the occasional deer. And lots of peeper frogs!

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