Fabulous Communication from a RetailTribe Partner


Throughout my career in golf (and in corporate sales), I have always taken pride in the way I’ve been able to communicate “my message” with my clients. Golfers, students, doctors, golf professionals…it all comes down to “who do you trust” and “will they deliver”. In each case, I’ve built myself into a “trusted advisor” role through my actions and knowledge. It takes effort, repetition and perseverance!

Here, David Wood from St Cleres Hall Golf Club in the UK, does a superior job in communicating with his members http://bit.ly/11f8nL1, entertaining, passionate,educational, inspiring, David brings the goods and establishes his value and his trust. His members certainly benefit from his efforts. And David knows that partnering with RetailTribe makes the delivering of a great weekly message a reality. You can find out more visiting the Best Practice Vault at http://www.retailtribe.com

I learned long ago while working for the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company that when you under-promise and over-deliver, great things happen. You never want to have a client say, “Rick said he’d deliver on X, but it never happened”. Anticipate needs, do what you say you will do, exceed what they expect and blow their socks off doing it is my mantra. Oh, and “it’s my pleasure” is still in my brain from the Ritz Carlton training. As is “Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”. For me, words that mean a lot.

Do you see your golf professional where you play as a “trusted advisor”?


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