Tequila-Lime Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos


Aunt Dot, this is for you! I made a simple, absolutely delicious fish taco plate last night. This just may be the best dinner I’ve made yet. Will certainly have it as a “go to”. Also could be a good dish for company. Here we go:

Mahi Mahi: I got 3 decent filets (about 3/4 pound?)
3 airplane bottles of tequila
3 limes
2 avocados
2 japeleno
Head of radicchio or red cabbage
Garlic (2 cloves)
Handful of cilantro
Tablespoon cumin
3 tablespoon rice vinegar
Canola oil
Kosher salt
Ground pepper
Small container sour cream
A little skim milk
A little cream
Corn tortillas

Pretty easy from here: big ziplock bag for the fish, where I dumped 2 airplane bolsters of tequila in, juice of 2 limes, salt, pepper and rough cut japeleno. Also threw in some crushed garlic, a handful of shredded cilantro and the cumin. Tossed the fish and laid flat in fridge for an hour (turn once).

For slaw, thin slice the radicchio and set aside. In a bowl, combine rice vinegar, about a tablespoon of canola oil, salt & pepper and two squirts of honey. Whisk together, add radicchio and toss to coat. Cover and put in fridge, too.

For the yummy sauce, get another bowl and add sour cream, a dash of cream and a dash of skim milk (find the consistency you like). Add the zest of one lime (makes it SO good), then the juice of that lime, a little salt and another squirt of two of honey. Whisk together.

By this time, the fish has been tequila’d up, so get your grill hot. It took the fish about 4 minutes on each side to cook and get nicely “charred”. I heated the corn tortillas on the grill for 45 seconds/side. Get fish to a cutting board, chop coarsely. Add a bit more cilantro to the cream.

I put them together with the cream on the tortilla first, then radicchio, then the fish, topped with avocado. Recommendation by Michele Leonard Gibson to serve them open faced. Garnish with a lime. Enjoy!


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  1. dottie monta says:

    Rick, you are a prince. We’ll definitely be having this SOON. May I recommend that you keep piling up these “winners” and publishing them (I’m sure others are as attracted to dishes already tried and pronounced worthy as I am)! (Remarked to your Mom recently that you have such a nice way with words.) Many thanks!

    1. Aw, thanks Aunt Dot. Glad you enjoy the posts and thank you for the kind words (and for reading!). Hi to Uncle Lou, Peter & Anthony. Much love from here.

  2. dottie monta says:

    Aha! I’m reading your site now and I must say, Buonissimo! Will tell P and A (Lou will see it now) and of course wish you well, as I think so many folks will enjoy and benefit from your observations and experiences. (It doesn’t hurt that you know your way around w/a camera, too!) Happy Holiday Weekend, you and your gals

    1. Nice to know you get something out of it. Always looking for feedback & post suggestions. I try to keep it positive and if someone gains a little motivation or inspiration from an experience I’ve had, all the better. Sydney enjoys keeping track of how many countries are represented by “views” on the blog, and we are up to 59! Good geography lesson in any case.

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