Thank you, Soldiers


I’ve had dreams before where we live in a world with no conflict. I know how silly and naive that sounds, but I like the dream anyway. Today, I remember all of our brave men and women who have died serving our country. I will never know such bravery, perseverance and honor. Thank you.

I want to thank all of the service men and women still living today for the sacrifices they make for the United States. My father, my uncles and my friends. All brave men with honor, as well.

My Uncle John passed away several years ago and is buried in Arlington Cemetery. I was able to attend the service there and have never seen a ceremony as somber, impressive and thought provoking. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed this.

The over 300,000 grave sites, laid in a stunning visual order, overwhelms me each time I see it (lived in D.C. for a time). Which brings me back to me dreams of no conflict, no more wars, peace in our world, respect for our fellow people and no need for a huge plot of land to bury our dead who died protecting our nation.

To all, be happy and well. And remember the fallen. We still live and I for one am grateful for that privilege.


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  1. Rick

    I could not agree more! Freedom is not free!


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