It’s Neat When the U.S. Open is “Local”

The U.S. Open begins in just under two weeks down I-476, only 33 miles from my house. Merion Golf Club is hosting the Open for the first time since 1981 and for the 5th time overall.


I’ve lived in the Philly-metro area for 15 years, but have never had the opportunity to experience one of the best courses in the country. I will get to see it though for a practice round, and that will be cool.

Can any one explain the USGA ” no cell phones, including those with photographic capabilities” policy at the Open? Yes, at times people can be idiots and not mute their phones, but I don’t get it. You can, however, take cameras.

I want to watch the range sessions, see what sort of process these guys have in preparing for an Open. I doubt I have the patience to go on course and watch practice rounds, though.

Who’s going to take home the U.S. Open trophy on Father’s Day?


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  1. Rick

    That is awesome! Only 33 miles away….I wish. I think watching the practice session would be excellent. If you are going to learn, it might as well be from the best. I think Brent Snedeker has a great chance if he is putting well!


    1. The practice sessions on the range are neat to watch. The players are in their element. All of them approach the game differently. And the sounds of all of their shots are distinctive. As are the trajectories and shapes. So cool!

      Not sure if I’ve asked this, but have you attended a professional event before?

      1. Rick

        Unfortunately no. In Canada, the Canadian Open would be the only opportunity. I guess it should go on my bucket list! Some of my friends have and said it was fantastic. How about you?


      2. Yup, I’ve been to a bunch of PGA Tour/LPGA & Champion Tour events, several Opens…..& one Masters visit! Neat thing to see. I highly recommend a Canadian Open or one of the Canadian PGA Tour stops. Didn’t the PGA Tour just “purchase” the Canadian Tour in last several months?

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