Fun with Cauliflower & Other Food Lately

Here are some dishes I’ve made in the past few weeks. I’ve written before that cooking has turned out to be quite a fun thing for me. As summer kicks into full gear, my herbs are healthy, lots of vegetable stands are in my area, the grill is used often and we find that eating light, fresh meals is just….better.

The one “heavy” item of note was a cauliflower puree risotto, and it was delicious. No cream or anything, just a little chicken stock with the cauliflower. I’m sure I’ll make risotto again, but I didn’t count on the 25 minute stirring marathon!


Scallop are a favorite. Here’s two different dishes. One with the cauliflower risotto, one from the other night with a fresh veggie slaw. Just vinegar and lime juice (and a pinch of sugar) for the slaw. Nice.



Once in a while I can find good trout (hard to find fresh, which is weird in PA). This was just done on the grill with fresh herbs and lemon and a simple roasted red pepper & white bean salad. I’m also finding I make better meals when it’s totally simple and I don’t over-think the concept.


Quesadillas anyone? I made some funky lime/avocado and garlic sauce for this. Inside was some tenderloin. This was super-good and doing it on the grill worked well.


May you find pleasure in the food you make, the herbs you grow, perhaps the garden you have going. Any wine enthusiasts reading this? Suggestions for summer sipping and pairing with grill food? Eat fresh, eat well.


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