New Beginnings, Recognition & a Poll

I’d appreciate anyone visiting to take a quick poll at the bottom of this post. Tell me what you’re interested in reading about!

I’m planning several posts while down in Dallas for 10 days, but before leaving, wanted to give a shout out to three blog friends who, without WordPress, I would never have met. So Leslie, Jim & Chris, thank you for following me (and everyone else, too!). I enjoy our “back and forth”.

Visit Leslie & Tales of Wild Boomba here and read her take on life in general and her typically funny and self-deprecating view on her life and experiences. I always enjoy your posts.

Jim is a golfer and I’ve enjoyed reading about his experiences, too. Even though he lives in Canada and his season is short, he is documenting his progress as he strives towards lower scores and his views on the game. Find Jim at his Grateful Golfer site here:

Chris Neuhard is a local Philly guy who is a golf nut and has a great job reviewing golf products, courses and gadgets on his Neucrue Golf site.

Play well, eat well, be mindful of life in general. Easy to forget about the very cool things around you when we are all so crazy busy. But I’m sticking with my “what’s important and what’s urgent” mentality and going with my own “river”. Let it flow, all. Happy 4th of July. I’ll be in a conference room in Dallas learning how to make web sites!!!!



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  1. Rick

    Thanks for the shout out! I really enjoy reading about your adventures… is amazing how many interesting people we meet through blogging! Now it is time to meet them for real. Some day we can hit the links together. Enjoy Dallas.


    1. Hey Jim, looking forward to diving into your Rules post. At the airport now, time to review stuff. Golf Blogger tournament someday. Congrats on your solid play of late!

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