Time to Head Home

Headed home to Philly after 9 intense days of training with RetailTribe. I have to give a shout out to my mate Craig who has been a fabulous teacher. He is helping me navigate through back end systems, all kinds of reporting, a new spin on communicating, learning to analyze data & think strategically, as we partner with PGA Professionals in driving their business.

We are blazing a new path for how golf professionals do business. Neat to be a part of it. Proud to be a PGA of America member, to boot!

It will be sweet to get home and see my family, cook dinner and get back to “normal”, while trying to conceptualize a brand new roll in my professional life. Monday starts a new chapter. Truly feel like a part of the golf industry once again.

Dallas is a cool city. Seems like there’s lots to do. One day I may have time to explore it. I had a strange sensation come over me when we drove around Dealy Plaza Saturday night. Had never thought of actually seeing the “grassy knoll” in person.

For now, getting back to my home in the woods, hearing the crickets at night, the turkeys in the morning and laughter (and fighting) in and outside, is what I’m longing for. Not to mention living in a hotel for a prolonged period of time just sort of gets a little old after a while.

Good night, all. I need dinner



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  1. Leslie Jo says:

    What a great post. I never thought about actually seeing “the grassy knoll”. It almost sounds like it came from a novel. That must have been unbelievable. Welcome home!

    1. Oh, another 26 hours…but closer than last Monday! I got goose bumps driving around it. Weird. It’s a big street, public park sort of thing in the middle from what I saw. I remember being a big Kennedy fan when I was lots younger. He seems like he was the President Obama of that generation for some reason. When I think about it, he became President just as a cultural shift was afoot…much like the current President. And 7 years after the shooting, there was Nixon…and another cultural shift. Way too tired to take this to a logical conclusion. My comments back to you are almost longer than my posts!

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