The Wonders of Links Golf


The Open Championship begins at 4am EDT tomorrow. My friend Mike posted a cool photo he took the day we played Muirfield in 2005. I’m enjoying all of the media coverage and seeing the images from Scotland.

This Golf Channel caddie book guide caught my eye and reminded me how weird it was to navigate that golf course during 36 holes of play. Cold, damp windy conditions in the morning. Sunny, almost calm, almost warm in the mid-day. The waterproofs came on and off throughout. The wind blew hard, then stopped, picked up again, with no predictability. Knock down 5 irons from 110 yards, then carrying a PW 170 yards on the next hole. Cool stuff like that. Creating, experiencing golf in a pure form. Being truly in the moment.

The par three 16th that day was playing downwind at about 170 yards. I chose 7 iron and swung with ease. Unfortunately at that exact moment, the wind turned hard into my face and laughed at my ball, stopping its advance and shooting it upward. It came to rest in a deep bunker. I must say, I played a fine shot out and saved par.


Just a small piece of memory so vivid. Enjoy the Open everyone. Good night to you all.


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