My Thoughts on Why Junior Golf & Mentors are Important


Our girls had a blast this week at Indian Valley CC Junior Golf camp. PGA Head Pro Joey Pohle and PGA Assistant Pro Steve B did great job teaching. Most importantly, I heard each night from the girls that golf camp “is SO MUCH FUN!” Joey & Steve played such an important part in this. They not only “taught” golf, but presented themselves as role models, as mentors of the game. They represented Indian Valley CC as a place where kids are welcome to play and learn. I’m proud of them for how they conduct themselves and fortunate to have such caring PGA Professionals at my club.

I’ve always been amazed at how much fun kids have fixing ball marks. What a great concept & skill to teach VERY early on in the golf process. Taking care of a beautiful area, taking pride in doing your part to keep the course in great shape!


As a dad, I’m glad they’re learning about a sport I love, and enjoying the experience more each year and finding not only fun in it, but meeting new friends and developing their social skills in a different setting. They are aware now of me being a PGA Member and sometimes ask me questions about the game. But, I’m still “dad” so my messages about the game don’t resonate…..they both look up to Joey & Steve, and I think that’s cool. Golf is such a wonderful game & that’s what I love about watching my girls discover it.

Through the eyes of little kids, you figure out what brought you to golf in the first place. It’s a game, you’re with your friends & you’re just trying to get that little ball into that little hole. The competitions on the putting green, chipping contests (Syd won & got a Titleist cap!). Watching a beautiful sunset as yiu walk up the last fairway of the day. or just playing one hole, taking a ride in a golf cart, or exploring the stream or pond looking for turtles. And it’s fun like that.

As a PGA Member myself, I love what our golf staff is doing. I love that they’re doing their part to grow the game. And I love that they feel it’s important and they make an impact on the kids with their enthusiasm and teaching skills. I get the added bonus that my girls want to play golf with me this Saturday afternoon. Now that’s just cool. They asked me!



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    1. Thanks Kelsey. We had a nice 2 hole play day yesterday afternoon!

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