Great Golf & Making Friends with Your Unconscious Self


**** Cool post coming at some point late Thursday ******** with pictures, etc.

A fascinating thing is happening to me and it started about 6 weeks ago with a lesson with PGA Professional Joey Pohle a new position with RetailTribe and solid golf.

Back playing competitive golf events this year was starting to cause me to view golf tournaments a bit differently. I felt pressure to perform, felt that practice was vital and if I missed a day, I was letting myself down, got frustrated when a session didn’t go the way I planned, etc. At the moment, I have quite a drastically different view, starting with the thought of “I actually don’t play for a living, so why feel this way?” Since coming to that fairly logical conclusion, I’m playing the best golf in the last 10 years. But that’s not the only reason.

When I saw Joey, has told me that yes, a few things were a bit askew, but nothing major. We tinkered a bit, played with my setup and got my body in a better position before swinging and he gave me one “thought” for the swing as I practiced…and I crack up because I can’ think of what it was now! He also told me basically to get out of my own way and stop thinking so much. I had gotten so bound by thought and “results” that I’d been forgetting to have fun and not think, to be free in my swing.

Since then, I’ve changed roles in my company, stopped trying to force a practice session in EVERY DAY and feel like I’m playing my best golf since 2002-03. I’ve played once-twice per week AND HAVEN’T PRACTICED….and this is a little concerning, but I’ve been a bit busy with work. Here’s the weird thing. When I play, all I’m doing is stretching for 20-30 minutres, using my Orange Whip to accompany the stretching, then I hit the tee box. Last four rounds have been 71-73-76-74.


If I can find short game practice time to create some lasting “feel”, I’m feeling pretty good! Shots were lost in the 80 yards and less category. Hitting a ton of fairways, tons of greens…and just not making a ton of putts. And also chipping it like a complete chooch.

Why? I think I’ve found a “balance”. Joey emphasized that while there may be a few errors in the swing and it doesn’t move like Rory or Adam Scott, it’s still a good golf swing. We fixed a few of those errors with body setup changes. I’ve finally come to grips that I have “my” swing, and it’s pretty good. Sure, it has its quirks, but that’s ok. My fundamentals are solid and that helps a ton. Just need to always know where my limitations are, what my misses are….and have fun doing it.

I changed roles in my company recently and find my brain engaged CONSTANTLY know with different challenges. I know work with 57 PGA Professionals and golf facilities every week for RetailTribe as the US Campaign Manager. I partner with pros and clubs to help them with active and inbound marketing efforts. I help my fellow PGA Members engage their members in playing golf more often, playing it better and having more fun. I love it and I’m lucky to have found a way back into the golf industry in a position that allows me to use my past experience and have an impact on growing the game. Cool stuff.

I’m feeling more settled. I’m feeling a weird thing…I think people may call it “fulfillment”….? I’m a better father, husband, person in general. Because I finally allowed myself to get back to golf, where I felt I belonged, and had the support to do so. I’m having fun with my golf game, my job and my life. Granted, each day brings new challenges, but I’m more ready for them.

The most important thing is the balance I’ve found with my family. My wife and kids support what I’m doing. My wife has been behind me 100% in my crazy shift back into golf, all while leaving a decent, yet totally unsatisfying sales position in another industry. Jung and Freud would have a field day with me, I’m sure.

I can’t change what I did yesterday, nor can I have any control over what happens tomorrow at 1:34pm….but I can certainly live in the moment and control what I can. Giving up trying to control the past and future is a huge release. Getting moving in the right direction? A great start.

**** Look towards the end of the week for a nice surprise here at mindbodygolf 🙂

This, the beach down the street and a really cool spot early Thursday morning are my “playground” this week. Be well everyone. Be mindful of what’s around you, what creates thought in your mind and what moves you. I’m grateful for where I sit right now. Take a moment and just look around. Know the world won’t stop if you take a second to admire the beauty.



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  1. Ian Hardie says:

    Hey Rick, It’s a nice feeling to be back where you belong isn’t it – you almost wonder why we left and went and did other things in between!

    Play well

    Ian Hardie

    1. is on my favorite Jung quotes.

      Funny how all of your exeperiences, ever the sort of awful ones, shape you. I’m a fortunate person to have had a LOT of odd, wonderful experiences….thanks for checking in, Ian

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