I’m Pretty Sure…It’s All About the Short Game


Like many of you, I end up not having a ton of time to play a game I absolutely love. Family, work and soccer practices (I’m helping coach BOTH of my daughters soccer teams) play a major priority in my life. But, I also need to make the time for “me” and I’ve learned recently that this type of thing is quite important.

When I carve out the “me” time, I typically spend it at the short game area of the Indian Valley CC practice facility. Seriously, it’s a playground, and seldom crowded. Yes, I like to hit balls and work on the full swing aspect of my game, but I’ve found over the past two months that i gravitate to chipping, pitching and putting away in solitude. I find peace and tranquility there, just me and my clubs and my imagination. I’ve come to trust my full swing to an extent and not “worry” about it as much as I used to. I’ve been swinging pretty much the same way for 30 years or so. Sure, I’ve made changes and experimented and dug in deep to technology for insight into what I do, but I’ve tempered my expectations. That seems to have helped a ton. I have confidence and trust in my swing right now. It may not be perfect, but it’s mine and I know what it does. More importantly, I know where my misses are.

What I’ve been doing lately is building confidence and trust up in my short game. This is an area I more or less ignored, practice wise for quite some time. After playing solid rounds of golf this summer, but not scoring well, I decided to be honest with myself and admit….my short game inside 75 yards sucked.

Now, you can find me in a bunker, or over on the mounds playing from funky lies, or putting on the practice green. I have developed some good touch over the last few weeks on and around the greens. I haven’t played many rounds, but I’ve enjoyed getting to know my short game again.

I am competing in the Philadelphia Section/PGA Drexel Morgan Championship at Sunnybrook CC next Tuesday and then the Section Championship on Sept 14-17. I’m looking forward to getting back in the action and most of all, enjoying what I love doing, and that’s playing golf. You never know what the game will bring you on that first tee box, but you can control your preparation and your emotions. Trust, feel, rhythm and balance. My mantra. Play well and go work on your short game a little!



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  1. Rick.

    Amen brother! The short game is where it is at. Without a solid short game, nobody can lower their score…….I like to practice using the 3-6-9 chipping and putting drill….works for me. Good luck in your up coming tournament!


    1. Thanks Jim. I do love tournament golf. I’m confident my short game practice will pay dividends come tournament time. I agree with you on your drill. Mucho effective!

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