The Socks Didn’t Help, Either!


Feeling confident in my game, having the splash of color in my socks with stone trousers and sky blue shirt, I was ready to play yesterday at the Philly PGA Drexel Morgan & Co. Championship.

Alas, I played poorly, had a bad handle on my nerves, made some early mistakes that cost me and struggled with the greens all day. I’ve said before, if you don’t play a lot of tournaments on a consistent basis, “tournament golf” is just….different. The Section did Live Scoring all day, had a digital leaderboard up and there were galleries! That’s a pretty cool thing, having people watching your group. I thank the members from Indian Valley CC that came down for the day. I apprecite the several that walked with my group for a few holes. I’m happy I didn’t hit anybody!


The Philly Section PGA has a shed load of great players, and all of them were there yesterday.

I’m just proud of myself for qualifying to get a chance to compete for the Championship. I question myself every time after an event where I play poorly and wonder why I do it. I guess the simple answers are twofold: One, I love to compete. And two, if i didn’t think that there was a very slight chance, on a day where I would play fairly flawless golf and got the putter working that I could win…I wouldn’t do it. I still think there is that little spark somewhere that could ignite. So, I’ll keep trying as long as I can tee it up!




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  1. Rick

    we all feel your pain. An for those who have not played in a stoke tournament….tournament play is different. All those 2 foot gimmies become 6 foot monsters! Congrats on making it to the Sectionals….how you play better next time!


    1. Thanks Jim. It’s interesting to run the round thru your head afterwards & catch the lapses in judgment! Or just the stray bad swing (or 4)….yup, Section Championship in two weeks. Like each shot every round, looking for opportunities to make birdie or save par, right? I have more chances coming up

      Always appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Bobby Jones put it quite distinctly “There is golf and there is tournament golf” Sometimes I am more surprised when my nerves seem under control during a tournamnent. The other odd thing ( among many by the way) is sometimes I will play well when I am feeling nervous and then when feeling under control I stink out the joint. But either way there is nothing like tournament golf and thats why you do it baby. Yeah man!

    1. Man, you are so spot on with your comments. It is a rush, isn’t it?

      Cool thing yesterday were the small galleries. Nice to hear the golf claps or say hello to people who are just hanging out, watching some golf.

      Gives you a very small view into what it might be like on Tour. Can you imagine having 187 in to a tight right hole location with water….and 4000 people six feet from you? WTF? Intense, I’m sure.

      Be well, and thanks for stopping by. I’ll let you know how I fare at the Section Championship in two weeks πŸ™‚

    2. So true! There is such a good rush to tournament golf…

  3. Leslie Jo says:

    I gotta say, those socks rule!

  4. Leslie Jo says:

    I was wondering if you’d be in Lake Forest, IL for the BMW Championship.

    1. No! But I’ve been to Conway before. Beautiful spot. Are you going?

      1. Leslie Jo says:

        I would but my mother would yell at me because it’s Yom Kippur. The funny thing about Yom Kippur is that if you’re somewhere other than synagogue, say, like at the track like my grandmother used to be, and you see another MOT (member of the tribe; which gives a whole new meaning to the name of your business!) you can’t say anything because you were both doing something you shouldn’t be doing on the holiest day of the Jewish year!

      2. I’ve missed your snarky humor & true life experience πŸ™‚

        Sort of like Good Friday when I was kid and going to catholic school…

      3. Leslie Jo says:

        My new website is I thought it would automatically transfer to the wordpress reader because it’s a WordPress sight, but I guess not! Thanjs for missing my snarkiness! I love that!

      4. Yay! I need to check out what you’re doing. Traveling today, if I’ve got time tonight, on my list. Welcome back!

      5. Leslie Jo says:

        Wow! What a great welcome back! I thought I would still show up on the reader and that my mail chimp mailing list was automatically subscribed. Turns out not to be true, but my website guru is going to fix that for me. I can’t tell you how great you just made me feel! I hope you’re on the mend and doing well.

        – Leslie

      6. Sorry if this hasn’t posted Leslie, thought I had responded to this. Good to find your posts again.

  5. Leslie Jo says:

    I’ll be back. I’m about to launch a website with social media I can understand and use better. Funny, my husband called me snarky today, too! I love reading your blog posts and promise to keep up and make more comments once I’m settled.

    1. Excited to see what happens!

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