Active Marketing Event for PGA Professionals: Drive Revenue & Engagement (Video)


What golfer doesn’t like the challenge of trying to make five putts in a row, especially when the first two are basically in the “gimme” range?  What golfer doesn’t like personal attention from a PGA Professional, especially when it will help their game?

PGA Professionals, check out my Monday Video Message to our RetailTribe clients about conducting a Putting Challenge.  This event drives player engagement opportunities, pro shop revenue and the booking of coaching sessions.  Combine the three, and you have a compelling formula for growth.

The average results have been five putters sold and an average of three putting or short game coaching sessions booked over a four hour time frame.  Revenue totals will differ for you on whether or not you’re discounting any items, conducting a raffle or selling a “more….for the same” philosophy for your putters (and other equipment).  This is a solid event for a facility at the end OR beginning of the season.  Make an impact on your players, keep them interested and engaged, and have them view you as the Trusted Advisor.  Looking for ways to make an immediate impact and difference in your golf business?  Contact me to discuss your needs at your club and how simple activities like the Putting Challenge can make a huge impact to your bottom line.


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