The Waiting is the Hardest Part…


Spent 45 minutes in an MRI tube this morning getting scans of my right knee done.  After 10 weeks of constant pain in ONE spot on the inside of my knee, I decided it was probably time to get things “officially” checked out.  I should not serve in 45 corner kicks and shots from outside of 25 yards during my kids’ soccer practices.  I’m sure I know the night I hurt this thing!

This image is NOT my knee, just an example of what a meniscus tear looks like.  I’m hoping that’s not what I find when I have my scans interpreted, but if so…well, I’ll get if fixed in some way, I suppose.

Oddly enough, I can swing pretty well and without pain.  Walking, sitting, laying down and sleeping are a totally different story.  Now, the waiting begins.  I’ll determine next steps when that info is available.

Anybody out there have a meniscus repair performed?  What was the procedure and the rehab like?  Any effect on your golf game (if you’re a golfer)?



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  1. G2G says:

    Haven’t had a knee done…knocking on the hardwood helmet. I appreciate your concern though since injuring my wrist several years ago nearly caused the end of my golf. The surgeon tried everything to avoid surgery but ultimately had to remove some cysts surrounding a major nerve because they were making it impossibly painful to move my right hand in any way.

    Best wishes for good news and only a short time away from the game.

    1. Thank you, kind sir. At least it’s December, right? Cold and winter like here in Philly.

  2. Rick

    That sucks! hopefully it is nothing serious. I will be sending you positive thoughts.


    1. Hi Jim, and thanks for the comments. News tomorrow on the knee….

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