What Will Inspire Your Golf in 2014?


Here we go, out with 2013 and in with the new.  What will 2014 hold for you?

If you are a PGA Professional, how will you inspire your golfers in 2014?  If you’re a golfer, how do you see yourself inspiring your own game?  Will you take a short game lesson?  Will you invest in new equipment?  Better fitness and overall health?

I live by the mantra of “relevant, timely, inspiring and valuable” when it comes to messaging and my business.  Our goal at RetailTribe each week is to help inspire PGA Professionals to inspire golfers to play better golf, more often.

If you dive deep into what drives you, you may just find the floodgates open to great stories, content and ideas.  All of us have a story to tell.  All of us have had a mentor that taught us a great lesson that has stayed with us for years.  Draw on those memories and stories for added inspiration to your game in 2014.  You just might find you discover new and exciting things to keep striving for success and pique your golf curiosity more!



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