What Golf Statistic is Most Important to You?

ImageI’m reflecting back on the 2013 season and giving my statistics a review.  If I hit a good tee shot, am I more or less apt to hit the green in regulation?  How often do I make birdies?  What do my golf shots do to my scorecard?  Did my knee injury cause any issues with my playing?  What effect will re-configuring my set make up have?  Do I really mind if I have a distance gap from 210 yards?

I played about 40 rounds of golf in 2013.  8 of those rounds were “tournament” rounds in Philadelphia Section PGA events.  Basically, I play once per week on a Saturday or Sunday, and try to practice twice per week.  I have certain expectations about my game (sometimes too high) and know I still get it around the course better than average, but when you play little and practice little….your game isn’t going to be great.  All that being said, my stroke average for the year was 77.2 strokes per round.  I finished the year on the GHIN system at a 2.4 index.  Trust me, I’m not playing for any championships anytime soon.

Driving accuracy/fairways hit:  65%…that puts me in the top 40 on the PGA Tour

Greens in regulation:  61%…ties me with Retief Goosen at #165

Sand saves:  35%…puts me in between Will Claxton and Bo Van Pelt at #175

Putts per round:  34.11

You can’t average 34.11 putts per round.  Especially if you are playing competitive events.  Compare that 34.11 putts/round with the 2013 PGA Tour Average and you can see how quickly putting can totally kill not only your score, but momentum during a good ball striking round.  Vijay Singh finished 2013 ranked 180th at 30.86 putts/round.  30 sounds like a good number!

I liked how I drove the ball in 2013.  I could move it either way, and for the most part my misses weren’t awful (except for the Section Championship, but that’s a long story).  I felt that I made progress in terms of course management and understanding my game more and staying more “present” during the round.  I shot 70 (-2) twice.  I had it -4 on several occasions during a round.  So, I know I have the ability to go low.  Still learning though, even after all these years.

I do have to wonder how much my knee had to do with my overall game.  It’s been sore and unstable all year, and that progression picked up speed in August.  I remember having a tough time walking at Torrey Pines and how swollen the knee was afterwards.  At least I have the winter time to get back in shape for 2014:  Knee Surgery Time!  Yep, scheduled for a quick procedure to fix up the right medial meniscus next Friday.  Surgeon tells me I’ll be up and riding an exercise bike the next day.  I’m looking forward to a very stable, balanced and pain free golf season in 2014.  Oh, and much better putting!



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  1. Rick

    Greens in regulation is the most important stat. If you have a high GIR stat, then putting 35 times around is not as important. My focus is always GIR, then putting.


    1. Thanks Jim, I figure to get different answers. For me, my chipping stats tell a decent story, majority of them inside 4-7′. Unfortunately, I happen to absolutely suck from that distance 🙂

      Agree that if I’m hitting 17 greens and have 35 putts, life could be worse, but you could be shooting 67 or so instead of 72-73….but putting certainly follows the GIR logic

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