New Golf Season, New Knee, No Excuses

I am quite stoked about the state of my health right now, even though my knee is wrapped up, swollen and stitched. As I lay here for at least a few more hours of rest (quite nice, actually) after my meniscus repair surgery this morning, my body feels different already. While walking at the moment is a little painful, the knee already feels “better”. Medicine in general amazes me. I wear an insulin pump that keeps me alive, I’ve had a neurosurgeon deep inside my neck TWICE and now a cleanly repaired knee. The images below are so cool!

Here is what the meniscus tear looked like:


And here is the repair:

I’m excited to go for a walk tomorrow, even a short one. Monday, I am cleared to begin rehab exercises. My daughter Sydney has offered her training services, too. Best of all, i should be able to have some fun swinging new sticks at the PGA Show in two weeks.

Not a bad Friday at all.


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