NBC Tells Me a Story, Makes Me Care About Olympics

olympic rifle Thank you NBC Sports, for making me care (and aware of) the Winter Olympics.  Why do I wonder who will take home the curling gold medal?  Loudmouth pants sponsored curling teams!  I notice them everywhere now on social media channels and i actually stay on the commercials appearing on TV.

Because NBC has infiltrated my thought process with creative storytelling and imagery.  I’ve noticed for the last two weeks, at least once per day, I see a great promo for the luge, or skeleton, or snowboarding….and an athlete from the USA overcoming adversity to make the team and have a chance for gold.

NBC Sports appeals to my emotions and national pride in such a crafty way that they make me actually care for several weeks.  “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” type of caring.  Most of the athletes train in solitude (cross country skiing and rifle competition anyone?).  I can say that’s not on my radar.  But, I’ll watch and see what they do, admire the skill and grace of their sport for a few nights, and then fade away until 2018…

NBC Sports does storytelling well.  I’d love to see their engagement analytics and metric charts for the NBC Olympic team.  Plus, we get Bob Costas for a fortnight and that is always appealing to me.

Have you paid attention to the Olympic hype?  What are you excited to see?


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  1. Rick

    The Olympics are awesome. Hockey will play a huge role in Olympic excitement for those north of the 49 parallel! I do enjoy the stories about the athletes as well.


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