The Only Recipes I Seem To Follow

….are ones from Giada de Laurentiis.


This is my rendition of Giada’s lobster fra diavolo.


The tomato/lobster mix was only a 10-12 minute job, it’s the risotto that took a while, but well worth the effort. The little bit of cognac in the recipe builds a nice nuance under the flavors.



A good Pinot Grigio to go along with the meal fit nicely. I recommend this highly! Thank you, Giada. This would be a great dinner to make for a small dinner party.


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  1. Looks delicious. Were you a chef in a different life?


    1. I wasn’t Jim, but I’ve always had an interest in food. I learned to make basic things for myself when I was little. Had considered culinary school after high school. If the circumstances ever make it possible to get a more “formal” culinary education, I’d jump at it. My knife skills suck, for example….and I’d love to learn more about sauces and plating. I think the presentation part intrigues me most of all. There is serious artistry out there with chefs. Most of all though, it’s satisfying to make a meal and say, “Yup, that was good”. Thanks as always for stopping by.

      1. Rick

        It is great to have a desire in life. You are fortunate to have three, family, golf, and cooking. How grateful you must be!


      2. Grateful every day for numerous things. The tough thing is that whole “being present” thing and acknowledging how grateful you are….if that makes sense. I do like the idea of “knowing the difference between what’s urgent and what’s important”

      3. You have said a mouthful! If you ever figure out the answer to this tough question, I am always listening. Golf is the same way, what is urgent vice important on the golf course is critical!


  2. Betty says:

    This was SO  good.  Fred loves your blog.     I love Mere’s figures  

    1. Hey! Congrats on figuring out the commenting issue. This app for iPad has been buggy, but I figure you’re working from your Mac and not your mobile device? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Leslie Jo says:

    Yeah, because she’s such a great chef. It has nothing to do with her hair, teeth, body, and all the other parts of her that make her gorgeous!

    1. Well, there’s that, too. But really, I just think she’s cool and love the way she moves about in a kitchen. She’s confident and exudes a trusting sort of vibe. I can’t argue with it 🙂

      1. Leslie Jo says:

        No man can argue with the way she moves about the kitchen!

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