How often do you take time to breathe?


There are days when energy is flowing from you like a raging spring melt from a glacier down a mountain.  Others feel more like the misty morning of a humid July summer dawn.  In my case today, I sense the stiff, cold, dank, overcast March that is Bucks County, PA.  Nothing sinister happening here, just the seemingly interminable wait for Winter to bow out gracefully and Spring to pop into being, but it never truly happens that way.  Spring has her own schedule.

I wanted to take the time to write just for me today.  My hope is that my thoughts resonate with at least one of you.  I’m taking 20 minutes to dive “inside” and leave my inbound marketing conceptual brain explosion  Image outside, just for a quick break.  Oddly enough I’m thinking of inspiration today, regardless of writing tone.

I find inspiration from numerous things every day.  A picture, a blog post, a hug, a random act of kindness.  Music.  A picture from Italy.  If you haven’t found Jenny Blake on the web, check her site out for inspiration.  I highly recommend Jenny as a new found inspiring source of content and direction.   All I have to do for that to happen is keep my mind open to the possibilities.  Not be afraid to just ponder.  Not be afraid to hit “publish”.  Not to fret over things I can’t control.  Not to care about someone’s business more than they do (ok, projecting a little, time to bring it back to center!).  Listen to Husker Du’s cover of the Byrds’ “Eight Miles High” for fun.


As I sit at my desk and type in my stream of consciousness way I do, I notice it’s been a while since I turned my brain off.  I’ve been busy, and that’s great, no complaints.  I also know from past experience what happens when I don’t.  Finding the balance between worlds is a challenge, and one that I’m finally aware of.  I just need to remind myself to stay curious and interested.  What does that idea mean to you?


I’m having my second knee surgery in two months tomorrow morning.  I’m also turning 46 on Friday.  Happy Birthday knee surgery, right?  Mentally, I still feel 23.  It’s my body that isn’t 23 anymore, and I need to commit to a new direction.  I have it in my head, I’ve written it down here, and I’ve hit “publish”.  No excuses now.  Back to decent shape, playing with my family pain free, playing golf pain free, and get back to tournament shape by June or July.  I can sense a “feel healthy, look good” mentality coming back.

Thanks for taking the time to read this today.  I’ll be back on the “work blog” topics soon enough.  Today, this was the self-indulgent guitar solo.


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  1. Rick

    I think your post is great. It is important to take time and be pensive. Your goals of a pain free life is awesome. After your surgery tomorrow, good luck by the way, your focus sounds great. I believe age is no ya limiting fact for anything. Feeling like 23 is a good thing. You. An do anything, you have to decide to pursue your goals and you have taken the hardest step – deciding. Happy birthday on Friday and your readers are listening!


    1. Jim, thanks so much. I think one of the coolest things about doing this blog for a while is the friendship we’ve struck up. Two golfers, sharing a love of the game, and of life in general. Good man you are, sir!

      1. Rick,

        Back at ya. Someday we will meet for a round of golf and a good laugh!


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