3 concepts to drive awareness and engagement of your FUN proposition (golf)

Seriously, it was almost 60 degrees last week in Philadelphia. The practice facility at my club was free of snow cover for the first time since early December. I could almost see this picture in my head.Image

We could see the ground and brown grass! Yet this morning, as Spring quickly approaches, we awoke to another dusting of fresh snowfall (could have been more).  Thus is the plight of the PGA Professional dealing with winter.

Today, I bring some late winter inspiration to golf professionals with a solid 50 Inbound Marketing Stats. #34 is a good one.  Credit goes to the Pocket Your Shop Marketing Agency.  What ideas do you agree or disagree with? Get in touch with me to discuss.


The question becomes: How do you keep your players and members engaged and interested during the off-season? How do you get them excited when we are this close to actually playing? What are you doing to be ready to spring when the doors open? Don’t wait, don’t guess; have a plan.

1) Attraction:  Position 2014 as the year of improvement, the year of the “journey”, the year of more fun. Those three words of “improvement”, “journey” and “fun” mean completely different things to people.
2) Build Trust:  Remember that every one of your players is different and unique. Treat them as such and find out more about them. Find out what they truly want out of the game. This exercise will make you a better coach.
3) Inspire: Keep inviting golfers to improve (in their own way). Use the playbooks and campaign overviews we provide to your advantage to create those moments of engagement.

BONUS: It’s all about the client/member/golfer, not about the golf course, facility or you. Focus on what your players want and need. How can I help?  Tweet me, leave me a comment.  Visit RetailTribe to learn more.  Make 2014 a record breaking year in both member service and sales.  After all, you control the FUN!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick

    Love the bonus statement. It is all about the client/member/golfer! The pros I connect with the most are the ones I promote! The power of social media is changing the golfing industry…..the trick is how to leverage it! Always enjoy reading your posts….hope the leg is healing well!


    1. Glad you liked it Jim, and you know I always appreciate you reading and giving feedback.

      Isn’t it interesting how you’ll be that “raving fan” when you have a great experience? What business doesn’t want that type of reaction from a customer? Thanks for the Twitter love!

      1. Rick

        No worries, if I like something it must be shared!


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