It Ain’t Fancy, but It’ll Do for Golf Workouts

The dungeon
The dungeon

Taking several 10 minute walks per day. I find they break the day up, clear out my brain and help me feel better.  Listening to a ton of music during workouts, as well as while working.  I’m finding the music to always be therapeutic.

Then there’s this basement room….at some point I need to actually clean it, but for now it’s a fine little workout area.  photo 1 (1)

Free weights (trust me, I’m not a “lifter”), my Swiss ball, pull up bar, step and tension cables. Everything I need, and I can vary what I want to do. I’m finding I like quick 15 minute bursts. We’ll see how it goes.

This Monday brought a little freedom with finding out I can workout a little harder as I gain back strength and range of motion to my right knee, but here’s so much more I need to do than just focus on the knee.  That’s why I spent time over the weekend getting rid of a bunch of clutter in this room.  I sort of like the mess of it…

photo 2 (1)

My hips are tight, as are my hamstrings and my glutes are really weak. I’ve got structural issues that create physical issues (like hurting my knees). This in turn leads to golf issues like poor balance and form, leading to compensations. I want to get to the point of limiting those compensations. I know I’ll have a few (don’t we all), but I’d like to get rid of the big ones.  Just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

I’m fortunate to have a good friend who also happens to be a chiropractor and TPI Level 2 certified to supervise my rehab, so I’ve got that going for me (thanks, Dr. Chow).

Who’s doing what for their golf fitness this spring?



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  1. Rick,

    Great to hear you are back at it. Slow but steady. I can see why you call your workout area the dungeon…..regardless, keep working hard and get ready for a great golf season.

    I work out 4 days a week (weights and cardio about 1 to 1.5 hour workout), plus basketball practice twice a week and when the snow goes away, a walk every day with my best friend – my wife. Additionally, I will start stretching more. Nothing is crazy, just constant. No heavy weights, but more reps. This is the only way I can stay in shape to golf.


    1. I’m impressed by the hoops! If the rain stops, I’m going to hit some chip and pitch shots tomorrow. You have a great outlook on things Jim. Thanks

  2. Matt Clay says:

    Nice work Rick! It’s amazing how an injury / surgery can throw off well intentioned plans. The knee is meant to be a stable joint and when it doesn’t have the strength to support any movement can be challenging.

    Has your Chiro incorporated golf specific movements into your rehab?

    Look forward to you visiting sunny San Diego and getting out on the links!


    1. Thanks Matt. Seeing my chirp later today, he’s also TPI Level 2 and a good player. I like the connection he has to both the overall rehab AND gold specificity. Slowly but surely.

      We are coming out to Laguna Beach again in August, so yes….let’s play!

  3. Hi, Rick!

    You just popped into my head so I read your latest blog post. Maybe it’s because we can finally see the grass on the golf course across the street! We’ve had snow, rain, and even hail in the Chicago area recently. Since it was during Passover I was waiting for locusts, frogs, vermin, and whatever the other 6 plagues are.

    I’m glad to hear things are moving along. Your workout room looks like most of my house, not to mention the inside of my brain, only cleaner and neater.

    I’ve had so many physical issues I had a hard time doing anything. I did PT and took private Pilates classes using the Reformer, and all the other equipment but still had pain. Over the past few months I have been taking yoga twice a week (and throughout the day at home) from the most incredible teacher ever. He’s so funny that I’ve actually fallen out of a pose and rolled around on my mat.

    I’ve taken yoga before and thought I didn’t like it, but now that I have a GREAT, easy going yoga teacher, I realize I didn’t like it before because I didn’t like the other teacher.

    This guy is a dancer, like I was several years and pounds ago, so he is always watching me to make sure my alignment is correct, and his main goal is for us not to get hurt. He has taught us to use all these little muscles we never knew we had to maintain good, healthy posture and I can’t begin to explain how much better I feel. Like anything else, it might take a few different classes and teachers to find the right one, but he (somehow) remembers who has what issues with different parts of their bodies and shows us how to modify poses so we don’t hurt our sore areas.There are a lot of really muscular people, and all different kinds of athletes in the class because it really works!

    I can’t believe how good I feel. I feel stronger, taller, and leaner, and lots of other great things. I was so excited during one class because I was doing a one-legged handstand against the wall. As soon as my brain figured out what I was doing, I couldn’t do it on the other side. Our brains get in the way all the time, but you know that because your blog is called “Mind, body, golf!”

    I love dong one very simple thing whenever I’m standing around and if it’s okay with your trainer, it might help you, too. Obviously don’t do it if it hurts your knees! Place a small-ish squishy ball or yoga brick (made of foam; found at Target) between your upper thighs and gently squeeze your inner thigh muscles together while your’re standing around chopping veggies in the kitchen, or whatever you’re doing. Try not to engage your large muscle groups, like your glutes, and stand up tall with your shoulders and head in relaxed alignment (maybe you shouldn’t be chopping veggies!). It’s the most amazing thing. Your entire body will feel the relief.

    One more thing; I thought I knew what core work was until I took yoga from Werner. Because you use your breath to guide you into and out of poses, you take the strain off your back and build some powerful core muscles.

    I’ve taken up so much space that I’m going to sign off! I hope you keep feeling better and better! Namaste,
    leslie jo chase
    Chief Correspondent at

    1. That’s an amazing response, and thank you so much for the sound advice. I’m happy for you that you’ve found a path with yoga and the new guide and it’s leading to improved…well, everything!

      Are you sort of advising me to do kegels in my kitchen?

      I’m going to try that next time I prep. I’m having some trials with my rehab, and a lot of it is coming from a dysfunctional hip and a weak ass. I’m a mess, but I’m trying. The constant pain isn’t any fun though. I’ve played once, hit balls twice. Fortunately, the weather has been horrible here as well.

      By the way, Old Testament kicks ass.

      1. LOL! Sure! Do kegels in your kitchen while prepping! I’ll just go wash my brain out now.

        I understand having a weak ass. It’s no fun for your hamstrings,and I can’t fill out the backside of a pair of jeans,

        What I really wanted to tell you is that we Jews have a word “kenahora,” that means evil eye. It wasn’t uncommon for my grandmother to say, “Don’t say that! You’ll put a kenahra on it!: And then sometimes she’s spit three times through her fingers as if to ward off the evil eye with herring breath.

        Why am I telling you this? Have you ever been driving along and say,”Wow! There’s no traffic!” That’s a good example of kenahora because the minute you say those words, your stuck in a traffic jam.

        Well, I gave you all those great yoga suggestions and told you how well I was doing and BAM! My 60 pound puppy, Raj, ran full force through the house during a fit of “puppy crazies” and only stopped because he ran into the outside of my left knee. I don’t remember if I fell from the hit or the pain. I really can’t remember. So, I took a few days off from yoga and have been babying it and it seemed better. But as the week has worn on, the pain has increased so ‘m going to the doc on Friday. I’m hoping it just needs rest.Crap.

        But I like your attitude and will try to be cheerful about it!

      2. That totally sucks and is typical large dog behavior….the knees are perfect traffic cones. Hope you’re feeling better

  4. English major much? I can’t believe I wrote something with so many mistakes. I must be tired.

    1. I rather enjoyed it 🙂

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