Where was FlightScope when I was coaching in 2002?


I believe I remember correctly that back in 2002, you needed $75,000 or more to have a launch monitor or golf simulator at your facility.  A dream setup for video was a three camera system consisting of down-the-line, above and behind the player, synced up and using V1 or something like Leadbetter or McLean had.  That wasn’t a small investment, either.

If I was coaching and teaching golf now, I’d have a FlightScope system front and center at my facility.  I wrote about FlightScope last year and I still feel the same way.  Give me a great piece of technology with the coolest graphics in the industry, wireless to my iPad and all the data points I need to educate my client and assist in stimulating improvement more efficiently?…..yes, one unit please!

It’s been 9 years since I “officially” taught a golf lesson.  Oddly enough, I still get inquiries, which is flattering, but I admit, I am rusty and a bit out of touch in 2014.  Times have changed.  Have most golf professionals and coaches done the same?  Have they stayed current with technology advances and coaching/teaching trends?

The technology jump in 9 years blows my mind.  I remember buying a Sony digital camcorder in 2002 Image

and thinking about how that investment would help me differentiate myself in my marketplace, grow my business, and help my students progress more quickly.  I look at what I was doing then compared to what is available now and feel like that was 25 years ago.

Coaching and teaching skills mixed with technology have meshed together to produce some crazy good results.  Education opportunities from companies like FlightScope abound for those who seek them out.  I need to find the time to reacquaint myself with my tech passion!

I see the teachers out and about in social media building their business through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (less so than the other channels) and G+.  Communities are growing around technology.  PGA Professionals are using new technology in coaching.  How is the industry bringing all these facets together to truly grow the game and change the industry?

It’s a fun time to be a golf pro.  The early adopters of technology will benefit in setting themselves apart.  The industry leaders, like FlightScope, will continue to push the envelope and open new avenues of thinking in the coaching game.  How will we, as coaches and teachers, use these advances in technology to push the industry in a forward, positive direction?



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