Who gains my trust and readership online and why they earn it? Who makes my list?

Noise.  We are surrounded by it.  Every social media blog, Twitter feed and update to my inbox states this as fact.  I believe it, too.  “Noise” has context though.


I love “noise” in music when it goes through my body and elicits an emotional reaction.  But when it comes to my inbox and social media accounts, I tend to tune out.  Why?  Because most people and companies have noImaget gained my trust.  They have not “tickled my fancy” in any way.

I delete 95% of everything that comes into my Gmail inbox.  Yes, I have begun to use the Gmail tabs a bit (thanks for the nudge, Jenny Blake) and that gets me slightly more organized and cognizant of the buzz in my box.

Who has piqued my interest enough to not only open their email message, but spend time engaging with “it” or “them” or their “why” or “what”?

HubSpotImage I visit HubSpot every day.  If I had my druthers and budget, HubSpot would be on my speed dial.  Their staff are really cool and human (golf clap to you guys up in Cambridge).  They have ebooks, whitepapers and case studies out the wazoo and don’t mind sharing. I live in the sports/leisure marketing world of the golf industry and I enjoy the variety of client experiences HubSpot offers.

My take on HubSpot is that they feel it’s all about the experience a guy like me (constantly learning) or a potential client (could be me….) has with their site and their products.  HubSpot is all about the customer.  The way it should be.

Impact Branding and Design:  The Impact Blog is always interesting and valuable to me.  I either learn something or have an idea/concept I’ve been thinking over validated constantly from Impact.  Plus, their case studies are a good read.  I also like how they note “how long it will take to read this article”.

Jenny Blake:  Jenny is a real person, who has brought a dream she had to reality and is living her life on her terms.  If you’re new to JennyBlake, her new visitor follow up is pretty killer.  I’m sure it’s not always easy, but she seems at peace with both ups and downs, keeping things in perspective.  She shows vulnerability and isn’t afraid to admit that.  Jenny is an entertaining, informative and empathetic read every week.

Social Mouths (cool Value Proposition piece from this morning)ImageFrancisco has a great story and has fun doing it.  He also brings the value.  The video about Value Proposition resonates with me and while a little long in my opinion, I watched it all the way through because I was motivated.  Let’s admit it, finding the fully motivated visitor is fairly elusive….unless you work really hard at your value proposition!

I work with my RetailTribe clients every week to deliver content and campaigns that deliver a message of relevance, value, inspiration and timeliness.  I see the positive results of the inbound thought process, with the message and content containing these four cornerstones to hold up the rest of the process.  The increase in engagement and overall business is the goal.

The people/companies I follow, read, like and engage with do the same with me.  Thanks for the value everybody.  I’d enjoy hearing from you, so let me know what you think of my thoughts here.  You can also follow me on Twitter @rickwilliamspga.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick

    As usual you are hitting the nail on the head with your articles. I have book marked your suggestions and on the surface look great. Thanks for the heads up.


  2. Thanks Jim, glad you find some value in the posts. Dig in, I think “under the surface” you’ll find there’s good stuff too!

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