400% Survey Response Increase: Is Success as Simple as Just Asking for Help?

ImageYour Opinion is Needed Please:

Sometimes, a swift kick in the ass is necessary to change your thinking.  When one way of doing things is ineffective, shake things up, pull a “Castanza”.  Or, simply listen to your teammates.  If you’re like me, and at times get frustrated when data feels like it’s flowing at a glacial pace, take a step back and breathe.

Simplify your thought process and identify the roadblocks.  In my case, the solution appeared to be quite simple, and repeatable.  The cause of the “roadblock” is interesting, as well.

  • When you want answers from your customers, just say “We want to your opinion” or “Can you help us?”.
  • Make your conversation with your customers valuable, timely, inspiring and relevant to them
  • Give them the chance to be heard
  • Follow up with the great intelligence your gather!

Surveys are a tricky beast, but when executed correctly yield staggering results.  Below are a few unsolicited comments from actual golfers back to their golf professional when asked about their custom iron fitting experiences.  The quotes below are from players at Balmoral Woods in the Chicago area, and the PGA professional is Bill Abrams.  Bill is a super-pro, knows how to fit and knows what value is.  I highly recommend him if you’re out that way.

“Had my clubs fitted at PING demo day last year at Balmoral. Then purchased them there with Brian’s help. Great experience and love my PING irons. Have been playing PING for many years. Will continue to purchase future PING equipment through your course.” – Wow, customer loyalty, customer engagement, customer feedback, evangelical type feeling, satisfied consumer…how many GREAT things are happening here?

“I am in the market for new clubs but need demo days to test out in the field (Grass range). Would also be interested in a fitting but not sure what club now fits my game best.” – Example here of a golfer who needs the help of a trusted advisor.  Relevant, timely, inspiring and valuable insight from a PGA Professional.  How many pros have encountered this type of player?

Not every response you get is a positive one, but even more actionable!  “I was fitted once, paid a lot, hate the clubs, could count on one hand the amount of times I used them.” –  That is pure opportunity to make an impact on a golfer who is looking for a solution.  This player had a bad experience 7 years ago.  Time to show him what custom fitting can do!

You might be asking, “Well Rick, what was the roadblock?”.  Too much content!  I’m guilty of writing too much at times.  Especially when there is ONE point to make.  In this case, weekly content drew focus away from the survey, and a number of readers never got to it.  While content is king, it has to keep the interest of the reader. Always be learning, right?

If you got down this far, drop me a reply.  I enjoy hearing if my ideas and experiences are valuable to you.  And as always, thanks for stopping by.




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