Inbound for Golf: Don’t tell me what you do, tell me why you do it!

Estimated Reading Time:  1 minute

I’m a huge fan of selling the “why”, and this blog post from Social Media Philanthropy states the concept well.

Nic Drezins is the Director of Junior Golf Development at the Rob Noel Golf Academies in Louisiana.  He is promoting the PGA Junior League and driving business to his junior golf programs.

pga jr league

I asked him, “Why would kids come to see you at the Academy to participate in the PGA Junior League?”.  He stepped up big time in his thinking and laid out the Junior League “value proposition”.  

Instead of telling me what the PGA Junior League is and what he will do, he gave me the following “why” ideas:

  • Have FUN!!!
  • Cool uniforms
  • Meet friends
  • Be part of a team
  • Build confidence
  • Play at 2 of the best courses on the North Shore
  • Great introduction to a lifelong game
  • Scramble format is low pressure competition
  • Get 2 additional hours of practice per week in addition to competitions

Nic said this brainstorming process took him 4 minutes.  I’d say 4 minutes VERY well spent.  Do you think the points above are more inspiring to parents and kids vs. a paragraph telling the “what” PGA Junior League is?

How are you selling the concepts of “why” golfers should participate in your programs this summer?  I love to hear from golf professionals who embrace the concept of focusing on players, improvement and fun.  It’s all about the golfer.  RetailTribe can help you tell your story with the best golf content in the industry.

Drop me a reply or an email to and we can talk ideas.


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