How high do you rate “listening” to clients in terms of importance?


This is an open post to RetailTribe clients (and golf pros on the fence about inbound marketing in general) about the importance of follow up to customers, and how important “listening” is.  “Selling results” is your job in growing the game,  your business, and increasing educational awareness about your products and process.  Let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Below is what I sent to my clients (the golf professionals, GM’s and owners) regarding a recent survey we conducted on behalf of our clients, sent to their golfers and asking questions about custom fitting for irons, brand preference and buying habits.

Client Message:

You now have received the final response data for your Iron Survey. The response from your Members/Golfers has been amazing! It is important to continue the communication with your members to continue to establish your “trusted advisor” role, as well as showing you’re listening.  FOLLOW-UP IS KEY!

WHY this benefits your TEAM

  1. You can directly contact those who answered the survey.  You now know your membership is engaged and they want to know that you are, too!  Show a personal touch and call them, buy them a burger, play some golf with them.  Do something different.  “Wow” them.
  2. You now know what brand of Irons your respondents have in their bag.  Use that as a metric to what is selling. Schedule a demo day or active marketing event around the brand.
  3. You may spot a purchasing trend you did not know was occurring at your club.  Look through more bags at the bag drop.  Ask questions.

WHY following-up matters to your MEMBERS

  1. Your membership base has taken the time to fill out a survey.  Acknowledge their time and effort.  This little effort on your part will make a HUGE impact on their feelings about your and the facility.
  2. There is valuable information in the survey (ex.: what Irons they are using or those whom to expect to be professionally fitted) and your follow-up could mean valuable education and coaching for them that help them play better golf.  Yes, they are helping you help them by giving you answers to your questions.  Weird, huh?  You will grow business and you will grow raving fans.


  1. Your members have expressed their opinions on how they perceive custom fitting.  Use this info to continue to offer the opportunity to improve.  Golfers actively involved in coaching programs are much less likely to leave your facility and tend to play a LOT more golf (and spend more $) with you.
  2. Your members provided valuable information about their equipment, giving you customer intelligence you may not have had previously.  Don’t take this lightly.  Your results are huge.
  3. You have specific information to target marketing and promotional resources towards. Use this as the opportunity to open new doors to active marketing, selling and member satisfaction.
  4. All of these activities add up to:  Attract + Engage + Convert + Retain

This is a simple formula that takes repetition to make successful.  Make it your responsibility to follow-up on this information, or even better, create a “team” approach to increase success and reach out to engage your members! They want to hear from you and the Team!  Their survey responses prove that.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick

    As a customer, and a picky one at that, follow up is critical to retaining my loyalty! If a salesperson spends the time to listen, understand, and recommend (not just sell the most expensive item) the right purchase for me, then I am a satisfied customer. If the follow up to ensure all is well, they I will tell 100 people and make referrals. Great post!


    1. Jim, thanks for a customer perspective. I’m totally with you. You don’t want to be “sold”, right? You’d rather be understood? Let me know if I’m off base with that statement. You raise a good point in terms of consumers in general of that need to be heard and recognized.

      I’m also looking for business people who have a great story to tell about client successes. We now know how to be successful with Jim!

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