Why Is Tiger Woods Back?

Hey Jim,

I give the. I’d to your thought of Tiger using his status to boost the charity aspect. The TW Foundation is his and he and the entire group take a ton of pride in it. I give him a thumbs up, too.

I think he went into the “playing” portion of the week with curiosity in mind, to see where his game is. He showed flashed of his old self and I’m sure his mind is on the Open. I expect him to challenge for the title over in England.

The Grateful Golfer

PGA Tour TPC SawgrassLPGAThe World of Golf is funny! Each week we patiently wait for the PGA Tour or LPGA tournaments so we can cheer, discuss, lament, and ponder about who will rise to the top. Last weekend, the US Women’s Open champion, Michelle Wie, walked away finally playing to her potential! Kevin Streelman shot seven birdies in a row to close out as champion of the Traveller’s Championship. I would suggest that Wie was not a surprise, however Streelman came out of left field considering his late charge. As much as these amazing feats were the talk of the town on Sunday, shortly after the media dropped these young up-starts and focused on the return of Tiger Woods.

The media clamored over each other to cover what they thought was the biggest news story of the week! The discussion about his return to prepare for The Open in 21 days is touted as…

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