My Tentative Return to Golf

2 more weeks of wearing the knee brace everywhere I go. Then, hopefully back to “normal” activity, like maybe walking on “un level” surfaces! I have a goal of getting back to doing this:



Looking forward to starting rehab in earnest. I’ve been very much taking it slow and steady. Walking a mile or so each day, doing my prescribed static exercises. Still have a little pain in the medial/top portion of the knee cap area. Surgeon meeting next week to discuss.


I’m shooting for a mid-August try at playing a little. Chipping/putting now. Orange Whip Trainer activity to commence soon!

Bob Doria will get a SeeMore customer out of me, SCOR wedges will get some play. Joey Pohle will get a new student, and Dave Seeman will get credit for inspiration 🙂


Happy golf everybody!



      1. Rick

        I agree, scraping off the rust will be a bit of a challenge. But, I am completely confident you will back in form quickly. It is all about managing your expectations!


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