My Tentative Return to Golf

2 more weeks of wearing the knee brace everywhere I go. Then, hopefully back to “normal” activity, like maybe walking on “un level” surfaces! I have a goal of getting back to doing this:



Looking forward to starting rehab in earnest. I’ve been very much taking it slow and steady. Walking a mile or so each day, doing my prescribed static exercises. Still have a little pain in the medial/top portion of the knee cap area. Surgeon meeting next week to discuss.


I’m shooting for a mid-August try at playing a little. Chipping/putting now. Orange Whip Trainer activity to commence soon!

Bob Doria will get a SeeMore customer out of me, SCOR wedges will get some play. Joey Pohle will get a new student, and Dave Seeman will get credit for inspiration 🙂


Happy golf everybody!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick

    Looking forward to hearing some stories of your adventures on the links! Great to hear your recovery is going well!


    1. Thanks Jim. It’s going to start with figuring out how to find “touch” again. I think the full swing will be more or less there.

      1. Rick

        I agree, scraping off the rust will be a bit of a challenge. But, I am completely confident you will back in form quickly. It is all about managing your expectations!


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