Aerial drone captures hole in one! Courtesy of Sky Linx Guys aerial drone photograpy, nice timing!

An aerial drone actually filmed a hole in one!  Have you ever witnessed a hole in one playing golf?  I’ve only seen 3 happen (2 of my own!), but I’ve never seen one from the air before.  The Sky Linx Guys from Sky Linx Aerial actually captured an ace Indian Valley CC in Telford, PA a few weeks back on #4 (148 yard par 3) by PGA Professional Rick Pohle!

HD video from Sky Linx Aerial YouTube is here

A different perspective from Sky Linx Aerial
A different perspective from Sky Linx Aerial

I’ve been a PGA Professional since 1997 and when I was a club pro, I was always in search of a unique way of attracting players to my course, or showcasing my facility.  Drone technology is breaking big now in the golf industry, and Sky Linx Aerial managed to snag footage of a special shot in a way that I don’t think has ever been done before.

Drones in golf provide beautiful HD video from the air to conduct course tours, outdoor functions, hole by hole strategy or even maintenance inspections.  So many uses, but how do you get a drone?  How do you learn to fly one?  I don’t know, but it looks like the Sky Linx Guys have a good sense of how to capture a moment.



  1. Oddly enough, you can buy drones straight off the web, and evidently, they aren’t too difficult to fly. Take anybody who knows how to play video games well, and you may just have a pilot!

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