How do you experience a blog or website?

The Hipper Element – UX Crash Course:  31 Fundamentalsauthored by Joel Marsh, is a blog I’ve been reading over the past months. His Daily UX Crash Course posts are insightful, educational and inspiring.  I’m learning a good deal about the user experience and viewer behavior.


I recommend visiting The Hipper Element to anyone starting out in site/blog creation or involved in the inbound world. Check out info about Joel here.  Today, I’m reviewing Daily Crash Course 17:  Z-Pattern, F-Pattern and Visual Hierarchy.  More thought on creating the “F-Pattern”!

tumblr_inline_mzjg1t0XLI1rwelrr_Middle F Pattern

To quote Joel, “Using a website or an app may feel like a different experience every time, but in fact, the way people look at any design is fairly predictable…”

But when you break down how people actually “read” things in the digital world, let’s face it, people “scan”.  When you’re living in a content marketing inbound world, you want your content to make an impact, to cause an action.  How you set up that content is super important.    I know I’ve benefitted from Joel’s lessons.  Perhaps you’ll find value, as well.

What experiences do you encounter when viewing blogs and websites?  Do you have a particular turn-on or turn-off you encounter frequently?  Drop me a comment or follow my blog (on right) or follow me on Twitter.  Thanks for visiting.


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  1. Rick

    Thanks, I will give it a good view over the holidays.


    1. Jim, I think your inquisitive mind will really dig the “crash course”, especially with your writing. I hope you gain something from checking it out. Hey, Merry Christmas, my friend.

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