Taylor Swift and her “content-inbound” mixology

Content marketing.  Inbound marketing.  Permission-based marketing.  Can you tell I’m a HubSpot fan?  Why does this matter and how has Taylor Swift used a mix of these concepts to drive her 4 million copy best selling album 1989?  Attract, convert, close, delight indeed.

attract, convert, retain, delight

I’m the father of two Taylor Swift fans.  They have tickets for an upcoming sold out stadium show in NJ later this summer. One has purchased Taylor’s 1989 full album (iTunes, if you’re wondering about what platform).

I’m impressed by Taylor and her teams’ business savvy, how they rule the Taylor Swift social machine and drive over 4 million new album sales through the power of intense personal social media campaigns.  Well, as “social” as one can be when you have 50 million Twitter followers and 73 million Facebook likes, but you get my drift.  You’re onto something when you make unannounced visits to a fan, bearing Christmas gifts!

I played Taylor’s “Christmas present” video for my 10-year-old daughter this morning.  The video had the impact I thought it would…a huge smile, comments of “I wish that was me getting a visit” and my daughter saying, “That’s really cool of Taylor Swift to do.  She made a lot of people happy.  She seems cool.”

Taylor does seem cool, and understands who her fans are.  She puts out consistently valuable, inspiring, timely and relevant content.  She “gets it”.  Color me impressed, Ms. Swift.  See you in July at Met Life Stadium.



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