Broiled Trout with Roasted Corn Salsa with Caesar Salad

I find that during the winter, my appetite wanes a bit.  The cold weather and limited outdoor activity puts me into hibernation mode to an extent.  I struggle finding dishes I’m enthused to make.  So, I was looking for something with a bit of texture and warmth.

I love fish on the grill, but since it was 9 degrees the other night, I wasn’t inclined to head out to the deck and use the grill.  I decided on roasting some corn and jalapeno and broil some trout filets inside.

Trout Jan

The smoky, roasted flavor of the corn and peppers, combined with lime juice, red onion and cilantro fit into my “texture” side, and the warm trout filets hit the spot.  I melted a tablespoon of butter and brushed the trout, added a touch of salt/pepper and lemon juice to them and broiled for 6 minutes.

The fish came out beautifully flaky and juicy, full of flavor.  I placed the trout on top of a bed of the corn salsa, sprinkled a little more on top and served with a homemade Caesar salad.

Caeser Salad

A nice warm meal on a cold winter night.  Make a visit over to The Inefficient Kitchen for a little inspiration!  Music for the preparation was Japandroid’s “Celebration Rock”.


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  1. Rick

    Looks delicious!!! I also love trout. We catch ours here…well my brother in law does. I just eat it.


    1. Not far from the ocean where I am Jim, but still either hard to find or expensive to get “fresh” caught. I’m not a fan of the “farm raised” deal. Tastes different, kind of gross to think about…

      Absolutely no chance of having your “fresh caught”!

      I remember trout fishing as a kid and eating lots of great fish.

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