I’m working on my engagement….how about you?

“Client engagement”.  It’s hard.  It takes time, building trust, value and guidance.  Oh, and ultimately results, right?  So, how do you decide on a strategy to “engage” your clients, as well as the tactics to use?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you do to effectively do the client engagement thing!

I like this article from HubSpot “Everyone Talks Engagement, Nobody Knows What it Means”. Author Dan Lyons lays out a good case for building better engagement, citing the following statistics in his piece:

  • 88% of customers say they don’t want to engage with brands.
  • 75% of CMOs interviewed said they don’t know how to engage with customers.

Yikes, right?


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  1. Rick
    Great article. Trust is definitely something that is built through many interactions with people. For me, the person I am dealing with must be genuine. It is easy to spot someone “trying to make a sale” and I generally shy away from them. Give me a genuine person every time.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jim. It’s funny to think about how much “engagement” we all experience every day, right? How much of it is authentic? Hopefully, a good portion!

  2. To me engagement requires asking the right questions and taking the time to find out what the client wants and needs are. Then going ahead and fulfilling those needs and not trying to force the client to go beyond what he or she really wants.

    1. So spot on with this comment, and thanks for the response.

      I continue to learn the “shut up and listen” 80% listen/20% talk concept!

      Once those needs are determined, then it’s action time. You simply have to say what you mean and do what you say, right?

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