Coq au Vin, minus the coq

I think I’ve always wanted to attempt Coq au Vin at home, and I’ve always be curious about it, but intimidated! Although I’d always heard about coq au vin, I didn’t really know what HOW until earlier this week when I committed to cooking a Sunday dinner for a few people.  So now, I’ve got chicken, wine, and my favorite cooking vessel ready.  Curiosity gets the best of me, again.

La Crosset

I’m using the Julia Child’s recipe from the Smitten Kitchen and Jamie Oliver as guides. I’m confident neither will lead me astray!

Yes, I did search locally for a rooster. Alas, there are no cocks in Lansdale right now.

What music suggestions do you have for “cooking time”?  I’m in a Thelonious Monk mood….


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