Winter Food Inspiration from Maize

March showed up here in Sellersville yesterday with 4″ of snow and a topping of ice.  I now officially am in need of sunshine, warmth and green grass/leaves/vegetation.  But, instead of curling up under a blanket and wishing the day away, I figured I’d have a little fun in the kitchen. I had blackening spices on hand, mixed together a roasted corn/lime salsa and created a roasted red pepper and jalapeno puree.  Good to go!

Blackened Ahi Tuna with Red Pepper/Jalapeno Puree and Spinach

Blackened Tuna and Red Pepper Puree

On a related food note and the reason why I created this tonight is that we went to a delightful local restaurant Saturday night named Maize, just down the road in Perkasie, PA.  M and P are kind enough to turn us on to good local “things”, Maize being one of them.

The northern suburbs of Philly have lots of hidden treasures, and I’m sure I’ve found one of them here. Chef Matthew McPhelin and his crew created fabulous meals and inspired me to create some warmth of my own in my kitchen last night.  By the way, Maize is BYOB and sets a leisurely pace, yet seemed exciting the entire time. The popcorn is great, and the buttermilk biscuits with butter and honey have compelled me to figure out how to make something that good.  A review of Maize is coming.

I sat facing the kitchen, and enjoyed watching the changing rhythm of the 3 chefs working in unison. Amazing!  They also had a flat of micro-greens on the shelf between the dining area and the kitchen. I want to figure out how to have my own micro-greens in my kitchen.

We also shared some very good wine through the evening, including a nice Champagne P brought for fun.

Ehret wine Stags Leap


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