Grateful for the simple things in life, Verbow and Nickel Creek

Fresh bread, olive oil, fresh tomatoes and basil.  Oh, and meat.  In this case, sopressata and prosciutto.  Here is a simple meal with fresh baguette roasted with olive oil, kosher salt and garlic. Baked in is thinly sliced Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Meat and bread from above

An Alexander Beck 2012 Chardonnay that evidently has a nose of “brioche toast”.  I didn’t really pick that up, but it went nicely with the bread and meat.  

A quiet kitchen.  Just fiddling around solo and listening to music.  The following artists got some play:

Nickel Creek’s 2014 “A Dotted Line”.  I love Sara’s vocals on “Destination”, and these three musicians are so talented.  If you’re not familiar with Nickel Creek, I highly recommend…anything.

New find from Spotify – Caitlin Canty’s “Reckless Skyline” .  I applaud any guitar player/singer who says, “Hell yes, cello will sound perfect!”  

I’m a big fan of Verbow and how Jason Narducy got such a cool sound from his guitar playing and bandmates, including cellist Alison Chesley.  Experience a cello solo AND “New History” from Verbow.  The song kicks in at the 3:25 mark.

Food and music, a natural combination for pleasure, folly, peace. An interesting end to an interesting week. What do you make in your musical kitchen?


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