March is never simple

Typically, March is my least favorite month.  Cold rain, grey skies, wind, soggy ground.  But, the snow is finally melted off and I’m beginning to search for daffodils.

I notice the changing evening light each night I do dishes.  I like the view from my sink.  There’s hope yet.

Strong wind, rain, thunder, lightening tonight.  Storm couch, indeed.  Blankets, Daily Show, maybe House of Cards.  Despicable characters, delightfully cynical.

Storm couch

Rest in peace, my dear Aunt Julie.  Your spirit, love and caring will never be forgotten.


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  1. Rick

    In like a lion out like a lamb! March is always a crazy month for us as well. We just never know what is will bring. However, April….that brings golf season!


    1. Who’s your Masters pick Jim? I love next week!

      1. Rick

        I picked Rory McIlroy back in October. So I am sticking with him. I hope he completes his career grand slam this year! You?


      2. I really love watching Rory play, he’s crafty like “old school” craft, can work the ball, play real shots….along with just bombing it!

        I like Ricky Fowler for the same reason. They seem just a little different, in a good way.

        So I’m predicting a Rory vs Ricky back 9 in Sunday. Fowler wins his first major with a birdie on 18!

      3. Awesome! I would like to see that grouping for sure. I have fowler winning the PGA Championship this year.


  2. Funny, I don’t know where the PGA actually is!

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