On Day 435, golf happened

I played my first round of golf last week since March of 2014. I put my peg in the ground at 6:48am at Turtle Creek Golf Course in Limerick, PA. Three knee surgeries in the rearview mirror, a good number of workouts, feeling stronger….and NO PAIN. 

That was the coolest thing. I also went birdie-eagle on #13 and #14, so that was exciting. 

A good first go with a score of 77 and limited mental errors. Stayed present and engaged for the most part, too. 

I got paired with two guys who were quite nice, and that’s half the battle of “singles” golf. Growing up a “public golf” kid, I indrrstand I’m at the mercy of the starter. Best thing to do is be nice and polite and hope you get hooked up with cool people!

More to come in the journey back to good golf. Where are you playing this week?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Congrats on the pain free comeback! Glad to hear it. And a 77, well, that’s pretty darn good too! Keep it rolling.


    1. Hey, thanks Josh, and appreciate you stopping by!

      You know, it was just so nice to be out in course, carrying the bag, looking around….so cool

      Lots of fun to hit more good shots than poorly struck, too. Short game is very rusty

  2. Rick

    Awesome news!!! Welcome back to the land of great golf. We look forward to your sage advice on how to play better golf!


    1. Thanks Jim. This Saturday was a ton of fun, post to follow!

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