Uncomplicated Fish Tacos

Thanks to the kind comments over on FB about this very simple dinner of grilled tilapia for the fish tacos. Jeannine, here you go :).  By the way, if you like interior design and fabric, please check out Jeannine Petteruti Design.  She does fabulous work and has a fantastic eye.  Plus, totally cool woman with a cool sense of style and fun to work with.  Another post is coming about my experience with Jeannine and caring about fabric 🙂

First, I did NOT have time to get to either Wegmans or Bucks County Seafood and had to “settle” for the tilapia filets. I’m picky with my fish and get a little bummed when I can’t find other options.

I stuck the fish in a zip lock bag with lime juice, salt/pepper, decent chili powder, red pepper flakes, cilantro and a little olive oil.  Let the fish marinate for a few hours.

The crema is just a little sour cream and lime juice.  A bed of greens on the bottom grilled corn tortillas, fish, fresh mango and topped with the crema (optional, of course). Use a little shredded cheese for texture. I also made a fresh salsa.  Simply tomatoes and onion, drizzle of olive oil, a little fresh garlic and cilantro, juice of one lime, salt and pepper to taste.  Stir.  Yummy.

Plate up, sit outside and enjoy the flowers. Music tonight was a shuffle of Rage Against the Machine. I’m stuck in that genre, and rather enjoying it.  Polvo showed up, as well.


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