Good Guy PGA Pro

Enjoyable early morning round at Bella Vista courtesy of Eric Pevoto. I’ve mentioned Eric before, and still maintain he’s one of the best PGA Pros I know in the biz. Thanks Eric!

Shot 78 without doing much of anything “good”, but didn’t wail any tee shots OB left, so that’s encouraging. 33 putts, made nothing of consequence. 

Played with my nephew Ryan, and that was fun. He’s new to the game and has a passion for it, and he shot 93. Lots of upside!

I wish you all a pleasant weekend. Soccer matches for the rest of mine. 



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  1. Sounds like a great time! Scores are pretty good.


    1. Rusty, but hit some good, quality shots. Better was getting to see my nephew play and get an idea about his game.

      Cool to see a “new” player develop a passion for golf!

      1. Well you are the right mentor for Rusty. I am sure he is grateful you are taking an interest in his game.


  2. Rick,

    Sounds like Ryan has a great mentor – a 93 while being new to the game is fantastic! And as long as he’s having fun, that’s the main thing.


    1. Josh, how’s your game headed into fall?

      My nephew sent me a text Tuesday simply saying, “I fixed my slice!”

      Nice to help people enjoy the game more in some, way isn’t it?

      1. Rick,

        That is great news about your nephew! It sure is great to help show people how fulfilling and enjoyable our game can be. Keep up the great work!


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