Shape, Texture, Taste, Sound – You Won’t Believe #4

Look to your right. Run your hand along what’s there – don’t be out of control with this idea, I’m by myself on a couch!

I realize some of you may be on a bus or in an office or an airplane. Be appropriate and don’t freak out anybody, ok? 
I love to touch things, like this pillow or blanket. With my eyes closed.  In a quiet house, with rain pounding in the roof. 

The scent of pesto in my kitchen. The taste of wine on my lips. The feel of the long, sleek neck of a wine bottle in my hand. 

One of the sweetest sounds I know is the crispness of a well struck shot off an iron playing golf. There’s an epic quietness to that, and I almost “feel” it more than “hear” it if that makes sense. 

My senses are a window “out” sort of – I’m still figuring that concept out for myself. But taste, texture, sound, shape all play a huge influence in what drives me internally. 

Looking back at over 2 years of posts, there is a common theme of music, food, some golf thrown in. That’s my texture, my passion, my escape and my curiosity. 


Be well, all. Go touch something, and close your eyes. Play your favorite song, cook something that smells fantastic. Feel the texture of life. 


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