Grilled Baby Lamb Chops (again) with Kitchen Fire

No, no disasters, only the first fall evening I made a fire in the kitchen wood burner. Nothing like wine, cheese, food and kids on a Saturday night. 

I’m pretty certain I’ve found my 5th menu item for my mythical farm to table bistro in my mind. It’s not often I make the almost same dinner 2X in a month, so that’s saying something!

Grilled lamb chops, grilled baby carrots, brown butter/garlic mashed potatoes with fresh ceasar salad. I’m all in on this one, and have flexibility to try different ideas with lamb flavor. Love this dish. This go ’round was garlic, thyme, rosemary and olive oil, made into a paste and rubbed in the chops. 

I’m feeling confident in my scratch ceasar dressing skill. I have no idea why any restaurant would settle for something out of a bottle….


This wouldn’t be The Inefficient Kitchen if I didn’t leave out one sort of vital piece of the meal – a red wine/mushroom sauce I wanted to make for under the potatoes. 

A combination of cooking a separate meal for 3 hungry young ladies (I know, crazy thoughts) and a late grill time made me accept fate and say, “Screw the sauce”. It all worked out, and I try not to sweat the small stuff. 

Pandora “The Hold Steady” radio station was the prep music and “Ryan Adams” was the dinner choice. Good tunes all around. 

I went with this Pinot Noir for dinner – I approve, quite nice 🙂

Be well, have fun in your kitchen. I hope you create smiles. 



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  1. Rick

    Looks awesome! You know that good food is fantastic for your golf swing! I mentally prepares you for anything the course will throw at you.


    1. I just have to actually get to the golf course! It’s been challenging with soccer games and some game cancellations, the rescheduled games in Saturday’s.

      Saturday is the only (early) time I have the chance to play 🙂

      The limits help me be more grateful when I do get to play, so there’s that. Season getting shorter here, for sure.

      1. Rick

        Life often gets in the way! I am done for the season….to cold and gets dark by 6:30 pm. Frost delay until 11 am….gotta love fall golf!


      2. Well, from the sound of your blog, you had a great season!

      3. Rick

        It was a great season. Just wish it was longer!


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