Flatbread and Shrimp that Actually Went “Poof”

I have a fascination with bread/dough making, yet have only hand made dough twice. I’m now curious enough to actually learn, starting with the science behind the process!

I made a cool Food and Wine recipe for Flatbreads with Shrimp and Romesco Sauce. I took the flatbreads as a challenge, the sauce was new, and I like shrimp, so why not?

If anyone has ideas on how to present this dish in a more attractive manner, I’d love to hear them. For some reason, I lost focus and imagination last night.

Basic dough – with wine and sautéed onions. My kitchen smelled wonderful.

Music for this adventure was a mix of Tool and Chevelle. On the heavier side of oddly tuned riff-rock, and pleasing to my ears.

Mistake #1 (I think) is that I covered the dough ball and placed it back in my bedroom where I had a fire going. The kitchen was chilly, and I wanted a warmer place for the dough to rise.

Any chance the added heat in the room (probably 6F difference) added “puff” to the dough?

I let is rise for an hour. Then pounded it, rolled it….then made mistake #2 by balling it back up and putting it in the fridge because I got sidetracked for 15 minutes.

During this process, I roasted both a pepper and a bunch of almonds for the romesco sauce.

I’ve never even HEARD of a romesco sauce – but now a fan. Reminds me of a pesto. Basically a paste of parsley, garlic, roasted almonds, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Solid.

The time comes to bake the flatbreads, a process similar to biscuit making – this got interesting!

Look how puffy! They were fairly soft, so that was encouraging. The scent in my kitchen from the sauce, the bread, the shrimp….delightfully warm. The final product is below. I had to improvise a touch to actually make a platable dish 🙂 I cut each little bread in half…

Happy weekend all. Who’s creating something in their kitchen tonight?


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