Cold Weather Range Session

44 degrees with a steady 15 mph breeze, making it feel like about 35F. A small bucket of balls at the #LederachGolfClub seemed like a perfect way to spend an hour this morning!

I enjoy playing in the wind. Reminds me of my one trip to Scotland in 2005. I’ve always loved the imagination in executing a shot – you have to have a committed plan in mind and trust your motion to get the ball to your target. 

I played 35 different shots 🙂

Low, high, cut, draw…most of them solid and at my target with the intended ball flight. I’m finding hitting a little fade is my most “comfortable” type of shot. I’m sure that’s due to my body finding compensations to move easiest and most balanced. 

When you practice, do you play different shots each time? I find that helps keep my focus tuned in and makes practice much more fun. 

Balance was a small issue in a few shots, probably due to some slippage. Could have been the Sambas!

But, if I rehearse a few swings to hit a draw and focus on my long time and ingrained fundamentals, I can alter the outcome a bit!

That’s what I enjoy most about my solitary practice sessions. It’s a time I listen to music, find a peaceful groove and let my mind play. Pretty cool stuff. 

My friend John suggested the band Slightly Stupid to me yesterday. A little SoCal ska/punk feel-good tunes for the morning. Also Juliana Hatfield on shuffle. 

Hey @gratefulgolfer, I’m feeling good this morning. 


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  1. Rick

    Your trip to the range sounds like fun! I wish was there sharing in the ambience of quiet and relaxed practice time. I also try different shots, generally in groups of three.

    I am feeling grateful today as well! 🙂


    1. What’s the most challenging shot for you? Mine right now is a low punch draw, tendency to leave it a touch right

      1. When I was playing, mine was hitting an unintended high draw. Normally, this would be a great shot, but I was loosing distance because of the high part. When successful, it was lower trajectory draw….ran for ever. Do you use hybrids?


      2. Love my hybrids – 19 degree dialed down to 17.5 and my 21 up 3/4.

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