2015 Golf Stats Review

I never thought I’d get almost 1/4 of my 2015 rounds played in December (3)!

13 total rounds, 234 holes played. I walked 9 of those for an estimated total of 144,000 steps, or about 63 miles, give or take. 

Not a ton of time for practice, but I did ocassionally get in 30 minutes of short game/chipping/putting practice. I can lose myself in the green just playing different shots in my head – but there’s no replacing “real time” shot making on course, and that’s where I fell REALLY flat performance-wise. Lack of short game shot execution bit me in the ass ore times than I’d like!

Bag on tee cover shot
I hit a TON of fairways and am very pleased with the way I’m driving the ball. The knee surgeries from 2014 may have taken a little distance away, but I’ll take almost 70% of fairways hit this year. 

I also hit 60% of my GIR’s. Where the disconnect is there is that the 40% I missed were primarily within my “scoring zone” of 125 yards and in, and that’s a major concern. At least I know where ONE portion of practice time is going. 

Two finger read
I’m very pleased with my putting. If you told me starting out in April I’d average 31 putts/round I would have been skeptical. My putting has always been a week spot. AimPoint knowledge came in handy though, thanks to the personal coaching of Preston Combs – thank you for opening up my eyes and getting me to trust my feet!

So what’s the bottom line? A stroke average of 77 for one. I had the low round of 71 (six birdies in that one, scary thought) and a high round of 85!

I hit lots of fairways and a good number of greens, but chipped/pitched poorly and missed a ton of opportunities with my wedge game. Overall, 2015 was a pleasant re-introduction to the game I love. I found peace with my game this year, stayed more “present” in my shot making and forgave myself for poor shots instead of making a lot of negative self-talk. 

I’m swinging pain free. I accept my motion and make it work. But, im staying curious as to what I can improve upon. Staying curious about always learning more. I’ve got a ton of clients who are tremendous coaches and I appreciate them as a resource for knowledge and ideas. Golf is still cool for me, 37 years later 🙂

I wish you all an awesome 2016 in golf and life. Enjoy your time on course, at practice, with your friends or by yourself. 



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick,

    It is good to hear you are swinging pain free! Here’s to continued improvement in 2016 and another great season! All the best.


    1. Thx Josh, same back to you. To good things around all facets of the game and life 🙂

  2. Rick

    I am very happy to hear that you are pain free during your swing. Your stats are quite impressive, and your fears about your short game from 125 yards seems to be that your successes increased your expectations. That is an awesome thing and I thing that 2016 will be one of your best years yet! I look forward to hearing how you conquer your game and get back to where you want to be! Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks Jim, and same to you!

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