7000 views – wow! Blog review

Ok, when I started my little blog a while back, MindBodyGolf was simply an outlet for me to get my thoughts out and express myself a bit. Then I started cooking a lot, and that activity took on a life of its own at The Inefficient Kitchen

Here’s a little look back through a few years of pics and thoughts. Thank you, viewer #7,00 🙂


Me and Mould
Bob Mould, Bowery Ballroom in 2013. Excited much?

While my blog numbers are paltry in comparison to “real” blogs, 4,000 visitors and 7,000 views amazes me!

Quiet, peaceful kitchen where I’m…content.

I appreciate all of you who stop in to see what’s up in my corner of the world. I’ve made a few blog friends along the way, and confirmed you all seem to like food! Music continues to play an important role overall in my general health of mind, body and golf. For the golfers here, I encourage you to check out The Grateful Golfer or Golf is Mental for fun and interesting golf content.

I’m more than 2 years older, a little more grey, a bit more cynical and miss Jon Stewart, but warming to Trevor Noah. I’m still drawn to music from 1982-1993, but open to “new” music. I’m committed to staying curious.

Soccer in 2013! Kids just keep growing

I’ll continue to try to keep perspective on my life, my thoughts, my cooking and my golf here on this little blog.

Man, last PGA Section event played in 2013….

Finally, an early food picture as I was beginning to realize, “Hey, I can make some interesting food here!”.

Ocean Perch fish tacos with adobe lime sauce. Solid.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick

    Congratulations! I quite enough reading about your golf and culinary exploits. Keep them coming! Thanks for the mention.


    1. Jim, I’m grateful for our blog/golf friendship and enjoy your exploits, as well! Thanks for your interest and visiting.

      I’ll take requests!

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